FCC Regulations

(WB 10)

I think is very funny the way FCC regulates what is allowed to be aired and what it not. It’s funny because they are more worried about a offensive or indecent word here and there than what the actual content is about. Not that they should have a say it what content should be aired, that would be even worse of course, but I don’t think that by omitting some words or blurring a body part will do the society any good in the end.

I understand that the FCC is concerned about protecting the children, making sure they don’t see anything “inappropriate”, but then again, what is considered inappropriate to one parent might be different from another parent. Just like the MPPA is trying to make sure children watch movies suitable for their age, it should be up to the parents to decide what their children are allowed to watch, not the government or an organization like the MPPA.

As with the Janet Jackson incident for example, showing a nipple for barely a second had the price tag of $550,000 dollars?! Come on, it’s okay for men to show their nipples but when a woman does it it’s considered indecent? No, I think that the kids who say that weren’t chocked at all, they have seen nipples before. It’s not the kids the FCC are protecting, its our culture and the standards in our society that we’ve had for generations – but it’s time to change that now I think. Just because our parents and grandparents and their parents grew up in a world where such things where considered indecent or wrong, does not mean it has to stay that way forever. The times are changing, it’s just taking some time for society to catch up, stuck in old traditions and old values.





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