Promotion & Marketing

(WB 9)

If I couldn’t work with creating content for TV, working with marketing and promotion for TV shows would be my plan B! I think it seems like a lot of fun coming up with all of these campaigns and strategies for so many different platforms!! Compared to Sweden, marketing and promotion for TV shows is huge here (or maybe it’s just here in LA, I don’t know?) and I was so surprised – but happy – to see so much marketing material for all my favorite TV shows!

One of my favorite marketing/promotional campaigns for a TV show from recent years happened back in 2013 when Netflix was relaunching Arrested Development after 10 years off the air. They already had a fanbase for the show obviously, now all they had to do was to get them to become Netflix subscribers! So instead of trying to gain a new audience for the show (well, of course they wanted that too..) but most of their marketing contained so many things connected to the previous seasons that I think people who hadn’t watched the show before would not get the point behind them. All of the posters featured inside jokes from the show and when the props (such as the bananastand and Bluth family car) went on a promotional tour, while I stood in line to get a photo with the famous stair car, I don’t think people who hadn’t watched the show would’ve been interested in that. New shows that don’t have an audience has to be more open and inclusive with their promotional/marketing campaigns to reach to to as big as audience as possible, but I really enjoyed this campaign by Netflix just because it was so narrow.


This was one poster, do you get the joke? Nah, only if you’ve seen the show..


Yep, that’s me by the stair car!!!


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