Programming in TV

(WB 7)

Back to my favorite topic again; women in television! Obviously, if there was anything I could change with today’s television programming it would be to include more diverse, lead roles for women of all ages, races, sexualities, social class/status etc!! These are the shows I like to watch, and while there are some pretty awesome shows out there already, I want to see more – women are half the population but not half of the TV shows are about/lead by women.

I just did some quick research on the upcoming fall schedule; according to and their list of new shows picked up by broadcast networks, I calculated that out of a total 42 new shows, only 8 of them have clear female leads compared to 23 clear male leads (the rest I counted as equally lead by a man/woman or ensemble shows). It’s hard to tell of course since the shows haven’t aired yet, all that’s available right now are some trailers and short descriptions, who knows, maybe all of those ensemble shows will turn out to feature amazing, strong, female characters as perceived leads? Maybe, but I doubt it..

Ratings are still the most important thing to broadcast shows, and networks still think that the target audience of males 18-49 are less inclined to watch shows lead by women. So women are “forced” to watch a bunch of shows centered around men instead? No, I think the problem lies in the target audience; males 18-49. Recent studies shows that women watch TV more than men, and its not a secret that a lot of the household shopping is done by women and that women are just as great at shopping as men! So why targeting shows to men when women are the ones watching..?

No, more shows about women is my suggestion, and shows that are diverse. Women are just as complicated as men, so don’t sideline us to being just a wife, mother, young woman looking for Mr. Right – women aren’t perfect, we have flaws, we don’t all look alike, act alike, think alike – and I want to see more women on TV who represent the women we see in real life today: complex human beings.


Yes, more shows like How To Get Away With Murder please!


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