Cable TV Impact

(WB 4)

To be honest, I never learned about the difference between broadcast and cable TV until I took this class. I’m serious, I thought all TV-programming was different just because it came from different channels… ? All I remember from back home in Sweden was that up until I was like 12, we only had like 6 channels (which I now know are the broadcast network channels), and after my dad bought a little box and connected it to our TV we suddenly had like 100+ channels (cable TV)!!

Now here in the US I’ve had to learn the distinction between broadcast and cable TV programming, and I’ve found it all very interesting. It turns out that most of the TV shows I watch are from broadcast networks, but that the most interesting, fun and oftentimes more challenging and mature in content come from cable TV (Game of Thrones, Veep, True Blood, Penny Dreadful, Masters of Sex etc). Since cable TV doesn’t reach everyone like broadcast TV does, since you have to pay for it, it can be more narrow in it’s programming, all to the audience’s benefit! If you don’t enjoy watching bloody gore like True Blood or Game of Thrones, then you simply don’t pay for HBO. I’m glad there’s a platform for great shows like these to be shown, and it’s not just me who think they are great. For the past few years, cable shows like Game of Thrones, Veep, Mad Men, Girls and Breaking Bad have been breaking boundaries, and winning Emmy’s on the way – beating out broadcast TV shows! Cable and satellite TV belong to the future of TV as well as internet streaming sites like Netflix, where the FCC restrictions don’t apply and the shows are allowed to go a bit crazy!

hbo-vennPerhaps a bit outdated, but you get the point..


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