The future of movies

(WB 2)

As a film major, I’ve been studying film history, film production, cinematography, script writing – all things related to making movies, but what I’ve noticed is that the reality is not as simple as the textbooks makes it look. In the golden days of cinema, movies were produced by studios in an assembly line fashion, distributed and exhibited by the same production companies in their own movie theatres, with actors and crew on contract to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

Nowadays, the process is much more complicated as there is much more competition. One could argue that it is at both much simpler than before to make a quality movie, but at the same time it is also harder. Anyone can make a movie with a cheap, easy-to-use equipment such as a digital camera, a microphone, or just a camera phone even. Upload the movie online, and boom, there you have it, it could be as simple as that!

However, making a big-budget Hollywood movie is way more complicated than what it used to be, they are not made in the same assembly line fashion as before, and there are of course many more ways today to watch movies than just going to the movie theatre. Watching movies online, on your tablet or phone, getting them on DVD’s, watching it on TV or DVR’ing a movie airing on TV to watch later – the possibilities are endless! But – the problem of course is that when the audience is moving away from the movie theatres, the studios are loosing money. Piracy is a big issue and while studios produce more expensive movies than ever, the movie tickets are getting more expensive too; its an evil spiral really, audiences want cheap movies but studios keep making it harder to get it, and so audiences leave and they have to raise prices even more!

I don’t know what the solution to all of this will be, there has to be a way to find a balance between it. Audiences still loves movies, we just have to figure out a way to give it to them without the studios loosing too much money and without audiences paying a fortune.



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