It’s not worth it!

(WB 1)

On “The Sean Hannity Show” broadcasted on February 25th, the radio host talked to several callers about current important issues, and although there wasn’t much I could agree on (with Hannity being a conservative and all..), we did agree on one thing quite strongly: legalizing marijuana is ridiculous!

When Hannity was asked the question from a caller about his opinion on the whole issue, he said there are so many more important issues to deal with that, and I agree completely. I understand there are people who benefit from marijuana as a pain reliever and so on, and they should totally be allowed to use it (which they are – with a prescription) but trying to make this addictive drug legal to anyone..? Nope, I don’t see the point at all. As Hannity said, there are so many other things the government and the states should focus on instead, the country is in crisis for many reasons and legalizing marijuana is not the answer.

Personally, what bothers me the most about marijuana is that it is a dangerous substance, just like tobacco, alcohol and other harder drugs of course, and so why should it be made legal? Freedom to do what you want with you life (even if it means hurting you) is one thing, but by making marijuana legal would also make it more socially acceptable to do drugs and moreover teaching our kids that doing drugs is okay! The long-term effects of marijuana on the brain is a hot topic, current research debates whether it has a negative effect or no lasting effect, and while we are trying to figure that out, legalizing this potentially damaging drug would be a bad idea.

 a2591c0d32aea1d5b47be888eec39e0fNo, weed is a drug, don’t fool yourself people!


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