This Is What A Real Woman Looks Like

I thought this video was great! A lot of statistics and facts combined with personal comments and observations, it reminded me a bit of the film “Miss Representation”. I think that a lot of people knows that the women we see in the media aren’t real representations of women, that they are too white, too skinny, too beautiful etc but no one seems to do anything about it, and more so, even though we all know it isn’t true – we still compare ourselves to those images, because they are overwhelming!

Real women can of course look like the ones we see in the media, but they are not the only type, and that’s where the fault lies. Women compare themselves to one tiny portion of women who looks that way (and mostly so because of photoshop, make-up and all that) when the majority of real women come in all shapes, sizes and colors, it’s just not representative at all.

The women in the video talk about how those images makes them feel and what they have done to make themselves “fit” into the medias view of a real woman, and I don’t think they were exaggerating at all. This is what I’ve done, and basically all of my female friends as well (and actually, a lot of my male friends too, but in a different capacity and for a different goal). We all want to be fit in, be loved and feel good about ourselves, but the media makes it so hard!

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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