Sex Sells But We’re Paying The Price

I’d hate to be a kid these days too, but I have to say that it wasn’t to easy two years ago either when I was a teenager. Sex sells as we all know, and for adults who know and might have experience about sex, they have it easier to distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, but for teenagers and younger kids who don’t know much, haven’t had any exposure to sex, sex ed etc, all the information they get is from the media, and the media uses sex to sell products – it’s not trying to be realistic! It’s hard to find an ad these days that doesn’t use any kind of sexual subtext or obvious sexual connections to sell, it’s so easy and so effective.

But the harm with this is again as the article mentions, that kids who don’t know better, get influence by all of this sexual content because it’s so overwhelming! When I was a younger, just like I guess every other teenager, felt the pressure of having sex and having a boyfriend/girlfriend. It didn’t come from my friends, definitely not from my family, but from what I saw in media, and I really loved this portion of the article:

“Teenagers should not be worrying that they can’t stand on their heads to perform certain positions, or that they won’t know who puts what where in a threesome. They should be learning about their own bodies through trust and love, gradually peeling away layers to reveal the depths of their sexuality and boundaries.”

If the media had sent me this message instead, I think many teenagers, myself included, would have been spared a lot of pain – being a teenager is hard enough as it is…

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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