Pink Scare!?!

I love that ad, seriously, it makes me think of my aunt and my now 6 year old cousin. Every time I see him, he is always wearing nail polish, just like his mom, and when he sees that I also has it, he just gets even more excited about it! The backlash that this ad got saddens me, is that really what our society cares most about? Boys in pink nail polish?

Boys who adore their parents and are not old enough to understand much about color coding (because it’s nothing natural about color coding – it’s all learned), but we as adults keep forcing them to fit into these genderized standards. As this article comments, color has nothing to do with gender, and there isn’t even anything natural about gender in the first place either! And then to put this kind of pressure and judgement on young kids and their loving parents? That’s what the outrage should be about!

Boys should not be discouraged to do “girly” things, because it just makes it seem that femininity and female-gendered traits is less valued than masculinity and masculine traits, because girls don’t get near as much backlash for being boyish, they can instead be encouraged! Such double standard!

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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