This reading hit me right in the heart, there’s so much in it that I can relate to. I come from a background just like the author, with an extremely supportive family who encouraged me to try out everything I wanted, and trust me, I did. Still, that was not enough, because I also grew up being heavily mediated, and I learned through TV and movies what I was supposed to do and look like.

There was no way escaping the immense pressure put on me from the world outside my little safe home environment. Eating disorder, depression, extremely low self-esteem, been there too, and add a little bit of bullying, self-harming behavior and constantly feeling that I could not be myself, because I learned from the media that I might be in for a lot more trouble if I came out. And all that started before I was even a teenager.

If I had taken this women’s studies class at that time, I am pretty sure my life would’ve turned out quite different, and maybe I wouldn’t have been plagued by all those problems for as many years as I actually was, and I wouldn’t have to wait almost ten years to get an “explanation” and see the connection between everything. It truly saddens me that lots of girls and women have to go through such horrible experiences before seeing the truth; “It’s not you. You’re not an isolated case. It’s systematic and it’s called patriarchy.”

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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