Low Tech Parents

I can’t really remember if my parents enforced some kind of restriction on how much I could use the computer or watch TV when I was a kid, but I understand and agree completely why Steve Jobs’ and all the other high tech people have such restrictions on their kids. Especially nowadays when it’s so easy for kids to access everything from music, games and videos on smartphones, iPads and computers, and when it’s common for adult to get addicted to all that, what about the kids?

I think it’s only responsible of parents to have restrictions on how their kids uses technology, and even though the kids might protest about it, it’s for their own good; parents might not always know best, but they are definitely more experienced. I also agree on what Ali Portovi pointed out in the article, that there should be a difference between consuming and creating content.

And then again, if the restrictions are too harsh, I also think that there might be a backlash against it later from the kids, feeling like they have to compensate for everything they weren’t allowed to do. For example, as I kid I was never allowed to eat candy other than on Saturdays, but as soon as I got old enough to use my own money and buy things, I took revenge and bought candy for myself almost every day. There’s enough harmful media content shaping kids lives, so I only think it’s right of parents to do the best they can in creating a safe and good environment for their kids.

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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