Growing Up Digital

There was so much in this article that I could relate to, being a girl of the same generation as the kids interviewed. I grew up in a home with the newest technologies, my dad works with IT and is a huge tech nerd. I got to play computer games (the “educational” kind) when I was in kindergarten, I got my first cell phone at 6, my first camera at 7, my first computer at 10, and of course, I had been surrounded by the television since the day I was born.

But now, kids can get all of that in one object; the smartphone. As I’ve been writing this comment here, I’ve looked at my phone three times already, and before I’m finished, I will probably have looked at it five more times. It is definitely a huge distraction, and although I personally haven’t seen a decline in grades or school performance, I have notices that it takes me longer to finish homework, essays, projects etc than what it used to. Nowadays I usually sit up until 2-3AM just to finish a simple assignment, because my attention span appears to be less. I really do wonder how my generation is going to fare later on when we take over in the workforce for example. Are we going to have to adapt and or is everything else going to adapt for us and for our social media needs?

Just like Vishal in the article, I am an aspiring filmmaker and I know that for that kind of work, it requires a lot of work that includes sitting in front of a screen, and just like Vishal, my interest for filmmaking started through just that. At my high school, all students were given MacBooks and all lessons were heavily tech dependent, using the school’s platform to share documents, syllabuses, watching educational videos on YouTube, using online material etc, and during our first year all freshmen competed to create the best personal website, to blog and post schoolwork on, and as the winner, I got an iPad as the prize – even more tech! Before high school, I barely used my computer and my cell phone, but as I was encouraged and even obliged to use the internet and technology for my classes, I became more and more “addicted” to use it on my free time as well.

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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