Comic Books & Gender Attitides

I’ve never been a big fan of comic books, and I’ve not very interested in this superhero franchise that’s taking over the movie industry either. Superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and all those other hunky guys that always saves the day and/or the girl never appealed to me, because they always seemed so stereotypical in its portrayal of men and women. Men = strong and women = weak, and that’s basically it.

Now, since I’m not very familiar with comic books and all that, I found it fascinating to read this article and learn a bit more about that kind of culture, because maybe it’s not so black and white as I’ve always imagined it. Just the fact that Lois Lane represents the “standard” American girl, how her image changed before and after WWII is something I never knew, how it could be seen as a reflection of reality. And now that comic books have introduced more female protagonists, even though they are not equal to their male counterparts (Batman vs Batgirl) it is once again a reflection of reality; it’s progress but not good enough.

Just like that gay comic book characters now exist – but one exception still doesn’t change the rule or the “standard”, and the standard is still that hunky male superheroes saves the day and gets the girl, so I think that comic books, just like any other media has to do better, because it still enforces many stereotypical gender attitudes.

(Originally written on 2014/12/11)


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